“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Basement Purge Part II – Ebay and Craig’s List


This weekend we took advantage of the snowy weather to finally get some items up for sale to continue our purging of all things that won’t fit on Smitty.  We had previously gone through and thrown out what we thought was garbage.  Consolidating our unwanted items into donate and sell piles.

Reading past posts on our friend’s blog, we found the Man vs. Debt blog and his flow chart on where to sell you stuff.

With this knowledge we started to put stuff up for sale.  My Bride took some photos of a few items, put them up on eBay and within 24 hours had a set of 3 snowman figures sold for the “buy it now” price of $10.  Excited by this development, she put more items up for sale, including some larger stuff that went up on Craig’s List.  A second item, an old mountain bike on Craig’s List, looks like it is also sold.

Of course we have barely even touched on the amount of stuff we have to sell.  But it was nice to have some progress right away.

So if you need a wedding or shower gift or a Coach purse or a sailboat weathervane or some decorations for the house or you just want to support our effort to become live aboards and cruisers, please check out our eBay account.  Maybe you will find something worth buying and we can get closer to our dreams.

UPDATE – April 10th

Just thought I would give a quick update.  Things are moving well.  My Bride has been selling a lot of our stuff and so far we have only had one breakable item end up becoming trash in transit. I would guess we are up about $300 at this point.

One of the oddest aspects of this adventure is seeing my Bride sell things I didn’t even know I had.  For instance, a Last Supper Table Cloth.  Neither of us knows where it came from or when it got into the mix of our stuff.  We don’t come from particularly religious families, so it just seems like an odd item for us to even have.

2 thoughts on “Basement Purge Part II – Ebay and Craig’s List

  1. Jesse, we sold most of our stuff at an estate sale, because we had less time to get sorted out – but the way you’re doing it is SO much better – and really keeps you on track (selling instead of buying). Hey, thank you for supporting MoFi and we’d like to make you a “frequent contributor” – can you fill out our contact form so I can email you with more details? http://themonkeysfist.blogspot.com/p/contact.html

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