“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

12 Months, 52 Weeks, 365 Days or 8,760 hours….but who’s counting


As of today we have 12 months left before we cut the lines, give or take for a weather window. Lots of mixed emotions and thoughts about hitting this point. A little panic at everything that’s left to do. A lot of anticipation about quitting our jobs and sailing off. Most of all excitement about being this close.

As you get with most would be cruiser’s blogs, here is our epic list of projects we need to get done before we cut the lines.

Fall 2014

  1. Standing Rigging Inspection
  2. Temporary Electrical Panel
  3. Strip Canvas & Sails
  4. Pull Inflatable
  5. Frame for Shrink Wrap
  6. Order Heater & Dehumidifier
  7. Change Head Intake Plumbing & Fix Leak on Head
  8. Propane Tank Inspection
  9. Change Oil & Winterize Engine
  10. Disconnect & Drain Stern Shower
  11. Bottom Cleaned & Zincs Replaced
  12. Fish Zinc for Winter


Winter 2014-2015

  1. Install Tank Sensors on Holding Tank & Water Tank
  2. Install Fishing Rod Holder below deck
  3. Bottom Paint Inflatable
  4. Rewiring in Bilge
  5. Remove Bilge Pump Check Valve Housing
  6. Upgrade Bilge Pump System?
  7. Tune Up Outboard
  8. Cockpit Table Upgrade
  9. Read Bruce Van Sant’s The Gentleman’s Guide to Passages South: The Thronless Path to Windward
  10. Rebuild Winches
  11. Repack & Inventory Ditch Bag
  12. Finish First Aid Kits
  13. Inventory Tools & Spares
  14. Anchor Light Plan
  15. Install Inverter (Dedicated Outlet?)
  16. Install 12 volt outlet at Helm
  17. Install iPad mount at Helm
  18. Install LED lights in cockpit (?)
  19. Check Steering Cables
  20. Fix Forward Hatch Leak(s)
  21. Wax/Polish Portals
  22. Put Shelves in Hanging Locker
  23. Put Shelves in Cabinets In Galley (?)
  24. Mainsail Cleaned & Inspected
  25. New Light for Forward Berth Area
  26. Lube Head Pump
  27. Bimini Patch & Reinforce or Replacement
  28. Make Gerry Can Holding System
  29. Install Wheels on Inflatable (?)
  30. Install Refer Thermometer
  31. Take First Aid/Survival Course
  32. Test Galvanic Isolator
  33. Make better bug screens for hatches
  34. Make sun/rain shade for front hatch
  35. Make Fender Holders


Spring to Summer 2015

  1. Gelcoat Repair on Port Stern Corner
  2. Gelcoat Repair on Windchaser
  3. Wax Hull
  4. Practice Heave To and Reefing
  5. Setup Reefing Marks on Furling Line
  6. Anchor Snubber/Swale Bridle
  7. Practice Anchoring
  8. Install Solar Panels
  9. New Access Hatch for Emergency Rudder
  10. Install Port Visors (2 or 4?)
  11. Install Saltwater Wash-Down System for Anchor
  12. Install New Life Lines (?)
  13. Get ICW Guide & Bahamas Charts
  14. Figure out preventer or boom break


Fall 2015

  1. Fill Parts & Supplies Inventory
  2. Check Dates on Flares
  3. Summer Vet Checkup & Get Full Copy of Vet Record
  4. Apply for Bahamas Import Permit for Summer
  5. Quit Jobs!
  6. Empty Storage
  7. Close PO Box
  8. Donate or store work clothes
  9. Sell Car

3 thoughts on “12 Months, 52 Weeks, 365 Days or 8,760 hours….but who’s counting

  1. Ow, that’s quite a list. I wouldn’t worry too much on the small stuff that could be done “later” in a more exotic location. Just get the seaworthiness stuff done and count the days having fun! 8760 hours are gonna fly by!

  2. Sounds like we’re on the same time line … one more year! We haven’t made a list for our 1987 Catalina 30 yet … we may never wanna see it. =)

    Looking forward to reading about your projects, and getting ideas!

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