“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain


Important Dates

Today my Bride and I celebrate our 13th Wedding Anniversary.


We’ve been together for 21 years.  Not bad for a couple yet to turn 40 🙂

Today crosses another threshold for me.

100 daysof work that is.

The total number of calendar days until I am no longer gamefully employed 151 days.  But when you take away for weekends (44 days), holidays (3 days) and a few vacations days here and there (4 days) I have 100 days of work left.  With our planned departure date of October 14, 2015 (give or take our weather window), I have been planning to work until September 18th.  This will give me 4 weeks to deal with last minute items like selling the car, stocking up on spares and supplies, cleaning out our small storage unit, finishing up those projects that seem to just keep dragging on, etc.  It’s really getting hard to believe it’s this close.

A few years ago, I remember having a conversation with Tom and he told me the last year would fly by.  Man was he right.  Our original plan was to cut the lines on my 40th birthday in late June.  I feel like we would be totally unprepared if that was still our departure date.

When I think about only have a double digit number of times I need to wake up on a schedule to sit in traffic to go sit in a box to earn freedom chips (thanks for that term Capt. Fatty) it is surreal.  We know we will have to work again someday.  Our savings won’t prolong us forever.  But we don’t intend to return to corporate jobs on a career path basis again.

“I went to the [sea] because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life.  And see if i could not learn what it had to teach and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” – Henry David Thoreau [with a slight edit]



Weekend in the Life of a Pre-Cruiser and a Celebrity Encounter

Friday Night

Get back from our captain’s class around 9:45PM.  Look at the fridge again.  Yup, not working right.  Definately needs to be defrosted before the small amount of food (mostly condiments) goes bad.  Fall asleep trying to read a Captain Fatty article in Cruising World.


Get up early for a weekend, 6AM.  Go down to Hingham to hit storage to get our coolers so we can defrost the fridge and see if anything else is wrong besides ice build up.  Go to five stores while I am at it to get stuff for other projects.  Plus take the dog for a quick walk around the park.  Of course I forgot something at the Lowe’s in Hingham so I have to stop at the worst Home Depot in South Bay Boston.  Spend 20 minutes looking for two parts because the store is unorganized.  Finally get back to the boat around 2PM.

My Bride takes the coolers and empties the fridge.  Meanwhile I work on finishing up a couple of projects that were partially done: finished main hatch hinge rebedding (short post coming soon); switched from winter water to summer water setup; organized parts and supplies we just bought.

I was ready to get back into the solar panel project when my Bride called me from the galley.  The pump that drains the refer and the shower sump wasn’t working.  Spent about an hour trying to diagnose the problem.  Decided I was going to have to pull the pump and take it apart as the problem seems to be with the double diaphragm pump and not any of the hoses or connections.  At this point its 4PM.  I don’t want to work on this because I have to take apart our fresh water filters to get the pump out.  So we decide to just manually remove the water from the fridge tonight and deal with this tomorrow.

Cleaned that up, organized a little more.  Another walk with the dog.  Now its 6PM or so and motivation starts to wane.  Plus it’s sundowner hour.  Next thing you know I am sitting in the cockpit, sipping on a Downeast Cider, puffing on a cigar and no more work will happen this day.

Dinner, a little Netflix and again I fall asleep trying to read the same Captain Fatty article.


Acoustic Sunrise 🙂

Whenever possible we like to start every Sunday with a pot of coffee, some bacon and listen to Acoustic Sunrise while we eat, do a little light reading and cleanup after breakfast.  This Sunday we slept in until the cannon from the USS Constitution woke us at 8AM.  We went through our typical Sunday morning routine.  Finally got to finish the Captain Fatty article.

By 10AM it was time to get back to work.  Except it’s a beautiful day on the dock.  The first really nice day of the spring and everyone is out on the dock working to get their shrink wrap down and other spring commissioning projects.  Our dockmate Greg introduces us to Richard Trethewey of This Old House.  He’s a very nice guy who invites us for a tour of his beautiful ketch.  We spent some time discussing our upcoming cruise and he gave us some great advice on the Bahamas.

Back to work for real this time. We move everything currently stored on deck or in the cockpit to the dock.  Setup the hose and the got my Bride setup to give Smitty her first good bath of the year.  While she is working on that I am disassembling our freshwater system to access the misbehaving pump.  Once I get the pump out, I go sit in the cockpit and start pulling the pump apart. Once I get the pump apart and clean I can’t find any reasons for the malfunction.  I clean all of the parts, diaphragms and valves and put the pump back together.  I go back down below and reassemble everything and it still doesn’t work.

I look up the rebuild kit on Defender. The service kit is $120 and a new pump is $170.  Ugh, why is it always so close in cost for the rebuild kit?

While I was trying to make a decision about what to do, Greg and Richard came by and asked for a hand moving Richard’s boat out to an outer dock.  So we jumped on for a little ride and helped get the boat tied up out near the USS Constitution.  It was so nice and none of us were too interested in getting back to work.  We stood around chatting for a while.

Finally we headed back to our boat.  Worked to finish cleaning the boat and filled the water tank.  At this point it was 5PM, 70 and sunny.  It was just too nice to think about starting another project.  Instead we invited Greg over for some Dark N’ Stormies and talked about his cruise through the Caribbean in his Bristol 35.5.  Around 7PM the sun went down and with it the temperature.  We made some dinner and got ready for the next work week.

So we feel like we spent most of the weekend working but in the end only crossed a couple of minor projects off the list and added another.


Quiet Time On Our Blog Again

I feel like it has been ages since I made a post.  Truth is we are just too busy to blog at the moment.  Our class for our captain’s licenses keeps us busy every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6-10pm.  We are both still working full time to build up the cruising kitty.  Put some boat projects on top and we barely have time to take Summer for walks.

Plus all of our boat projects have been only partially completed.  So we don’t have much to write about on that front.  This weekend we worked on the running wiring for two in-progress projects: adding solar and tank monitors.  Those things took most of Saturday to complete and neither project is close to finished.  The projects are moving forward and my Bride has the boat bites to prove it from helping me run the wires.

The shrink wrap and structure came down this weekend as well.  So now we have our cockpit back and we had to find space to store all of the stuff we had been keeping under our biodome.

None of this is terribly exciting thus the lack of entries.  We have also been trying to put any time we can find into helping with the fight to keep Florida’s anchorages available.

As of this morning I am down to 115 days of work before I quit.  A few more for my Bride.  So soon the lack of time will not be my compliant.