“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

3 Weeks


We have 19 more calendar days of work.  That equates to 15 days at the office.  But I am taking a little time to deal with vet appointments and our last appointment at the Travel Clinic, I plan to do some last minute running around on those days and to bring things down to my Dad’s house (diplomas, memento type stuff from our offices, etc.). So that’s two less days and I already woke up and came to work today.  That means I only have 12 more days where I am woken up by the alarm clock at 6 AM to start getting ready for work.  Only 12 more morning commutes.  Only 3 more time sheets to submit. With each day it is getting harder and harder to get up the motivation to come into the office.  Even more of a challenge is to get the motivation to complete the tasks I have before me each day instead of surfing the internet.

We spent most of this weekend on a mooring at World’s End.  This is probably the local cruising destination I will miss the most.  But I am a little ahead of myself.

First thing Saturday morning my Bride had to setup the sewing machine in the cockpit.  She noticed a couple of stitches coming undone on our dodger. She spent a couple of hours going over the dodger and repairing areas where the stitches were deteriorating from UV damage.  She was complete and boat mostly back together by noon.  The tomatoes really started to ripen on our dock plants.  So I grabbed some to eat for the weekend and cut some fresh mint for mojitos.  The peppers are coming but not there yet.


We cast of the lines and powered for an hour to get over to World’s End where we met up with our friends Pam and Chris on Windchaser. We rafted up with them on a friends mooring.  It was hot; probably around 95 degrees, very sunny and humid.  We got into the water very shortly after getting settled.  The water seemed a little cooler than usual but that was welcome on such a hot day.

Of course I can’t just relax so I started cleaning the hull.  It’s been almost two years since our last bottom job.  This one took a beating from the ice in Charlestown this winter.  The ice scrapped away a lot of the ablative paint so I can see the grey barrier coat in a lot of areas, especially along the waterline.  We are getting a lot of grass type growth on the waterline and some pretty thick growth on the bottom.  I am just trying to get this bottom job to last two-three months more.  We plan to haul somewhere around South Carolina to do the bottom and some other things.  But I loose about a knot of boat speed from the growth after about 3 weeks.  So it will be tough to make it last long enough.

Saturday late afternoon the weather started to change.  There was now a considerable amount of cloud cover and some potential thunder storms were in the mix.  It started to rain around 4-5 PM but that was mostly just sprinkles.  For about an hour we watched a great show while lightening hit all around World’s End but not in our direct area. Bolts were crossing the sky and coming down all around us but at a distance of several miles away.  At about 6 PM we started to get some significant rain.  In fact the skies opened out and large, heavy drops started pelting the boats.  There were 3 boats rafted up on the mooring, Smitty, Windchaser and the owner of the moorings power boat.  We all retreated into our various boats to wait out what we thought was going to be some quick passing rain. A micro burst hit the area and the winds picked up.  The rain was now sideways and visibility was only a few feet. The fetch for this front wasn’t long so the wave height didn’t get big but there were dense streaks of foam from the waves.  The Beaufort wind scale estimate was a force 9-10 easily.

From here.

The stern line on the power boat broke free.  They quickly scrambled and got it back on but that was enough to get us all on deck to recheck all of the lines.  Windchaser was in the middle and on the ball.  We were on her starboard side.  We added a second bow line just to be safe.  We watched other boats loose fenders and inflatable floats while the heavy winds were hitting.

The high winds and driving rain only last about 30 minutes.  After that we were still getting some rain and lightening was all around us but again a couple of miles away.

We were all checking our phones for updates on the weather. Another cell was to the west of us but we couldn’t tell if it was going to hit or move more south.  We watched that cell pass just to the south of us while we only received some rain.  After that there was a lull but another line of potential storms was further west that might impact us in a couple of hours.  We used the delay to cook some food and take Summer for a quick walk. The power boat made a run for home. We then retreated down into Windchaser to hangout out of the rain.  After dinner we were all a little tired so we called it a night.  We did get some more rain around 1AM but nothing like the micro burst.

The next morning we had breakfast in Smitty’s cockpit.  I hung our stern anchor, another project off the it-would-be-nice list.  We went for a long dingy ride and picked up some more ice while drinking Painkillers. When we got back to the boats, some friends joined us for an afternoon of swimming and hanging out.  Around 6:30 we heading back to our dock.  After a brief delay to retrieve our wayward dingy after I failed to tie a good knot holding her to the stern rail, we were treated to a great sunset but no wind as we powered back to our marina.


I will really miss hanging out at World’s End.  We have had some great raft up parties here in the past and also some great times of solitude.

2 thoughts on “3 Weeks

  1. Exciting times! We hope to say the same by the end of the year. I’m going to refer your solar panel posts to my husband, as we’ll need to add panels as well. Thanks for all the great info and congratulations!

  2. Haha, I guess we really aren’t the only one who have had to chase down their dinghy :). Glad you got it back!


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