“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Charleston, South Carolina


The City of Many Names

The community’s name of Charles Town honored the king, but was changed to Charleston at the end of the Revolutionary War:

 Charles Town  ->  Charlestown ->   Charleston

Charleston is often referred to as the The Holy City.  The many churches in Charleston are a reminder of the impact religion once had and still has on the development of the city. The spectacular view of the cityscape is dotted with steeples, many of which you can view from the Charleston Harbor (which is also unfortunate, as these steeples were used as targets when enemies of Charleston were firing upon the town from the harbor).

Viw of the Holy City's steeples from the harbor

View of the Holy City’s steeples from the harbor

Views coming into Charleston

Views coming into Charleston

Charleson & Beaufort SC

Church that George Washington attended; including his family’s personal, locked pew

A City of Endurance

There were several fires and natural disasters that almost completely leveled the town, along with several wars in-between.

Charleston was a hotbed of secession at the start of the American Civil War and an important Atlantic Ocean port city for the fledgling Confederate States of America. The first shots against the Federal government were those fired from Fort Sumter.


Fort Sumter flying the French flag the day after the terrorist attack in Paris, Nov.2015


We found a a great way to take in the sites and learn the history of Charleston in about 2-3 hours and FREE!

FREE Tours by Foot: http://www.freetoursbyfoot.com/charleston-sc-tours/

If you are so inclined, you may tip the tour guide (which we did because he was so awesome!).  Note:  I think there may have been a $1 per person fee for reserving on-line.

The old houses and streets are so pretty.  I especially loved the gas-burning lanterns and the house that had the New England Patriots flag.

Charleson & Beaufort SC-002


Charleson & Beaufort SC-005

Charleson & Beaufort SC-003

Remnant of a time past

I really wanted to go on a historic pub crawl, but this was just too far out of the budget per person, so, we did the next best thing – Local Craft Brewery tasting tour. 🙂

Local Brew

Local Brew…mmm…beer



Our neighbor on Mega Dock:  the 159 ft sailing yacht, Thalia

You can charter the sailing yacht Thalia:    http://www.charterworld.com/?sub=yacht-charter&charter=thalia-2927


Dolphin in the marina

Charleston was fun but we must continue south to warmer weather and blue water.

2 thoughts on “Charleston, South Carolina

  1. glad to see you guys are enjoying the journey and taking in the culture and history at each stop. Hoping we can make it down to visit you (wherever that might be) some time next year

  2. It has been a fun and interesting journey so far. The south is so very different in almost every way from New England.

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