“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Bahamas Chapter 5: A Hole, a Cave, a Mermaid,oh, and Laundry


Black Point, Great Guana Cay

After swimming with the pigs at Staniel Cay, our next stop south was Black Point.  The plan for our stop at this island was to wash clothes at the clean & affordable laundry mat.  It seemed as though every cruiser in a 20-mile radius was on this same plan.  When we went to the laundry there were at least 50 other cruisers up there as well.  It was so nice to meet so many people but it was also so overwhelming after being in small social groups or alone for the past month or so.  However, we were really happy to finally meet Keith & Deborah (and Kai) Wrightaway on sv Wrightaway Blog:  Wright Away Sails Away.  Jesse was one of the first followers of their blog many years ago.  We also caught up with John Ahern on sv Freedom Kewlchange.com…we owe him so many beers after that fun day – Thanks again John!


Black Point Town

Black Point Settlement

Black Point sound and ocean

Top:  Exuma Bank (harbor side);  Bottom:  Exuma Sound (ocean side)

Black Point Blow Hole

Oven Rock, Great Guana Cay and Little Farmers Cay

At the south end of Great Guana Cay is Oven Rock.  It literally looks like a huge kiln oven.  There are some nice hiking trails in this area that we checked out as well as the cave that had deep water pools (Jesse and I were both to chicken to jump in).

Oven Rock

Oven Rock Cave

Oven Rock

At Little Farmers Cay we got fresh lobster from Little Jeff and checked out his pictures of the pink pearls he found in conch (these are very rare and fetch a handsome price if you come across one). We also attended the church fair, although we were late and all the food was gone.

Little Farmers

Rudder Cay

Like most entertainers with too much money, David Copperfield owns land in the Bahamas, Rudder Cay.  You cannot step foot on this island or anchor too closely – there are very large signs posted on every beach advising No Trespassing.  So, what I do not understand is, if you do not want anyone to come around your playground, why add a really cool attraction to it!  Obviously, we went and anchored just off one of his beautiful beaches and snorkeled to check out the mermaid playing the piano.

Mermaid video

Dinghy Spelunking Video






6 thoughts on “Bahamas Chapter 5: A Hole, a Cave, a Mermaid,oh, and Laundry

  1. Amazing to read about the changes to Black Point!! We were there in December 2006 and were the only boat. It wasn’t on anyone’s radar back then, having no facilities of interest to cruisers (definitely no laundromat). We only went because we had a friend who lived there – otherwise we probably would have passed it by just like everyone else. But we were so glad we did go! Our friend took us to see the cave you mention (we did jump in and it was creepy!) and to meet some other people on the island – all in all one of our best stops. Enjoying your blog and your pictures!

  2. Black Point Settlement was one of our favorite stops. The happy hour on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday was excellent. Huge plates of cracked conch and great rum punches. WAY better than Staniel Cay in our estimation. Thought I saw you fueling at Staniel in early March. Good to see you have had a great time. We struggled massively with Internet data limits. I’d love to hear how you are managing without donating $50 a week to Batelco. Sweet people but I’m guessing I just don’t know how to manage the data properly. Keep writing so we know where to head next!

    • Data usage has been a challenge. We try to use the free wifi wherever possible. however, this is so slow and so we are behind on posts.
      If you see us again, please hail us on 16, we would love to catch up over sundowners. We are currently in Long Island, leaving for Conception tomorrow.

      • I hope you made it to Thompson Bay/Salt Pond! Cool place. We got stuck there for about 6 weeks with visiting family and friends. Due to weather, we didn’t make Conception but will next trip. It’s supposed to be gorgeous. We are back in Marathon replenishing the cruising kitty. Hope to head east again next year. Drink a Sands for me!

  3. That’s exactly where we are right now! ⛵️😊

    • Say “hi” to Bess and Billy on Alibi 2. They are good people and a great pair to know in Long Island. They have taken that island under their wing and are working very hard to make a difference. Bess can be found on “cruisers beach” pretty much all the time working on something to help the island. The cruisers net is a great way to get involved. Enjoy your time there and OMG, Hillside Grocery has almost everything under the sun. Way better than Georgetown and better prices. Dang, we miss it!

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