“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain


Based on a discussion with a fellow sailor and blogger (and Bostonian), I decided to add a page about people and events that influenced us into wanting to cruising and live a life less normal.

First on the list in order of biggest influence was a big influence for my Bride: Turkeys!  (actually titled “My Life as a Turkey” the chronicle of Jon Hutto’s experience). This PBS film has a great message about doing what you love and being in harmony with nature.  We own it on DVD and have a copy on the boat.

Next is Cap’n Fatty Goodlander.  We have read just about every one of this articles in Cruising World and most of his books.  We followed his adventures on Wild Card and now follow him on Ganesh.  One of our dreams is to someday share an anchorage with him and Carolyn.

Perhaps this list isn’t in any particular order, as I can’t believe Husband didn’t add Jimmy Buffett and Joshua Slocum to this list – they should have been first and foremost!  First of all, Jimmy Buffett’s music has been an inspiration: just get out there – sail, travel, and enjoy life to it’s fullest (especially the Caribbean) – I can’t wait to discover our One Particular Harbor. As for  Slocum, come on, it’s Slocum – need I say more!

Here is another hero, or should I say heroes.  They are a bit unorthodox but their story is really fun and they tell it in a compelling way.  This one is the crew of the s/v Pestilence.

It’s definitely worth watching what four broke kids can do when they get their hands on a cheap sailboat.  I wonder what the application process is like to join the Anarchist Yacht Club?

I spend a lot of time reading blogs.  This first started when I became aware of the Bumfuzzles.  And while I may not agree with how they went about their cruising or the decisions they made, they did open up the whole world of cruising blogs to me.  And that lead me to two blogs that are very inspirational for us.

The Art of Hookie

This blog centers around Stormy, Chloe (Stormy’s pooch) and now Emily and their times on s/v Sookie, a Falmouth Cutter 22.  Now that’s pocket cruising!  While it might not be our type of boat due to the large amount of exterior wood and the lack of certain things like a head, they do set a great example of the “go small, go now” philosophy.  And I was hooked from the time I read this line from Stormy, “I left the secure world of corporate America and vowed never to return” since if fit so close to my mindset.  On top of the great inspiration, Stormy is one hell of a writer and is teaching Emily to follow suite.  I only wish they were on this coast so that we might have an opportunity to share a bottle of wine with them.

Katie & Jessie on a Boat

This blog follows these two early twenty ladies as they do the Great Loop on their Cal 2-27, Louise.  And that is kind of an understatement because they expended their Great Loop tour to include spending some significant time in the Bahamas.  Another great example not following the traditional/standard American lifestyle and getting out to do something different.


To be continued…..

2 thoughts on “Heroes/Inspiration

  1. “a fellow sailor and blogger (and Bostonian)”…. I am flattered and… unworthy, to be mentioned first in this menu/tab! (I only was in Boston for 10 years btw)
    Cap’n Fatty Goodlander is now definitely in my wish list, thanks!

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